Breast Screen Programmes



Mia® delivers gold standard double-reading quality with a single human reader. Mia supports radiologists in making the most important decision: Should this woman be recalled for further imaging?

Mia Supports Your
Most Difficult Decision

Recall or
no recall?

Developed by Kheiron Medical Technologies

Proven in one of the world’s largest breast radiology AI clinical studies


Case-Wise Recall Suggestion

Mia suggests a decision for the entire case, just like asking a radiologist colleague for an opinion


Indication on Images

Location of suspected malignancy

Breast Scanning Programmes

Meet the Challenges with Mia

  • Shortage of trained breast radiologists
  • Variable performance of screening staff
  • Breast density and difficult parenchymal patterns
  • High stress, cognitive load, burnout
  • Missed cancers
  • Unnecessary recalls

Talk to us about how Mia helps to tackle these challenges and
improves operational, clinical and economic outcomes.

Kheiron built Mia with

Clinical Rigour & Cutting-edge AI Technology

Developed on more than
3 million images

Proven in one of the most ambitious clinical studies in radiology AI to date

Tested across multiple demographics and mammography devices

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