AI Advance Partners with Virtual Blue to Automate Medical Imaging Workflows in ANZ

September 3, 2021

AI Advance and Virtual Blue are excited to announce that we have signed a partnership agreement to bring Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to the ANZ medical imaging market.

RPA technology will be used to automate medical imaging workflows.

Peter Rady, Director and Co-Founder of AI Advance: “RPA Technology is one of the fastest ways of improving efficiency in your business. We have all experienced workflows where office staff need to manually find and sort patient data for billing and compliance purposes. Quite often uploading the data to another system. Today this work can be automated by software robots called Digital Workers. We thrilled to partner with Virtual Blue to bring this technology to medical imaging in ANZ.”

Sharyn Catt, Managing Director of Virtual Blue: “Working together we will be bringing Intelligent Automation technologies to the medical imaging market while guiding them on improving efficiency across the business. At Virtual Blue we have an established history of transforming healthcare organisations through intelligent automation and delivering great outcomes as a result (within radiology space included), and we are excited about this new partnership and additional value it can bring to our existing customers as well as working with AI Advance team on new customer engagements!”

The Benefits of Digital Workers

Digital Workers will:

  • Perform any repetitive operational task that requires objective decision making
  • Complete these tasks up to 70% faster, without mistakes
  • Operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Provide a secure and scalable workforce for your business which integrate with any computer system.

How We Automate Medical Imaging Workflows

Digital Workers work alongside your human workforce to free them up from manual repetitive work. This allows your human workforce to focus on more high value contributions to the organisation. A Digital Worker logs in to your computer software like a human worker. It then completes the tasks in the workflow and logs out again. Therefore, a single Digital Worker can automate many workflows.

Our customers are discovering that many office workflows are only being completed during business hours because that is when the human workers are available. A Digital Worker can process these workflows out of hours. Therefore, as you automate your business workflows you can schedule some of them outside of normal business hours. This frees up your Digital Worker and human workforce to focus on workflows that must be completed during the day.

Call us today and we will show you how to automate your medical imaging workflows to make your business more efficient.

About AI Advance

Based in Melbourne, Australia, and Auckland, New Zealand, AI Advance supplies Artificial Intelligence and automation consulting services and products to the medical imaging market to assist physicians, their referrers, and their patients.  Driven by the vision to use AI to benefit humanity, the company combines its experience in medical imaging technology with knowledge of how to apply clinically proven AI solutions to improve patient outcomes. AI Advance also provides Intelligent Automation to improve practice workflows to increase business efficiency in medical imaging practices.

About Virtual Blue

Virtual Blue is a well-established and award winning, New Zealand based Intelligent Automation Consultancy operating with a strong presence in the healthcare sector in APAC. In addition to being experts in RPA and wider Intelligent Automation technologies, they offer effective consulting services around any automation initiative or strategy organisations may be working on and can help identify and create your own Digital Strategy.

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