Why you Need an AI Consultant

August 16, 2021

Do you find all the medical AI solutions flooding the market confusing? An AI consultant will help you understand the market better.

Artificial Intelligence can solve many issues in medical imaging – but how will a particular product help you? Are your most compelling problems with medical imaging workflow?  Would you get a better return by fixing back office workflow issues using automation?

We all get bombarded with AI solutions at conferences from many vendors. But which one is the right fit for your practice?

You can Google Artificial Intelligence and find lots of information and many solutions for many problems – but what is the best use of AI and automation in your business?

Our AI consultants can help you understand the problems you want to solve and are able to solve with AI and automation solutions. The AI consultant will guide you through the process from problem identification to finding the right solution.  As a result, this not only ensures the solution fixes the problem but also that the business case stacks up.

  1. Begin compiling a list of prioritised issues in your practice.
  2. What is best solution to fix the issue? Workflow re-engineering, automation, AI or a combination?
  3. Are there any existing solutions to solve my problem? Which product is best for my problem and situation?
  4. What is the best way evaluate your chosen solution?
  5. How is the solution implemented and supported?
  6. How do I know the solution worked for me and met my business case?
  7. What if it didn’t provide the solution I expected?

AI Advance provides AI consultants who will support you and your organisation in every part of your AI journey. Speak to us today about how we can help you.

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